My Golden Retrievers are very loved and doted on family members. We raise the pups in our home, with other animals, such as cats, a pot belly pig, a grouchy miniature schnauzer and whatever we may rescue that week. Our dogs and puppies are highly socialized. We do not place pups in new homes until after 8 weeks old, but we prefer the pups to be closer to 12 weeks before going home. I use a doggy door to house train the pups, starting at 7 weeks old. The pups do not go outside until then. I am adamant about giving them their first set of shots at six weeks, one week later I introduce them to the outside world! At ten weeks old they receive their second set of shots and if requested, micro chipped at that time. Once the pups reach eleven weeks old, I take them swimming in the pond. This is for my duck hunting specific customers since that is what Golden Retrievers are bred for. Since the pups are AKC registered, I encourage families to look into socializing the pups for competitions as well. I help this process by teaching the pups to walk on a leash, (this, of course, is rudimentary training, and the pups will need more instruction on a leash walking when they get to their new homes), and take them to the local dog park.